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Essential to do functionality

We are working hard so you can concentrate on you your activities, not the tool:

  • Plan activities for Today, Week, Later
  • Add incoming tasks to Inbox
  • Define categories, contexts and goals to group tasks the way you like best
  • In case you need activities to repeat, there are plenty of options for that
  • Put notes, attach documents you might need
  • Compile checklists, reuse them by copying into new tasks

Stay focused every day

Pick activities which move you towards the desired future:

  • Each week pick some activities from “Later” and move them to “Week” box
  • Each day pick some activities from “Week” box and plan them for today
  • Use checklists, notes and attachments to have all the important details at hand
  • Mark activities as completed

Tips & tricks

There are more ways for you to save time and effort:

  • Create activities by sending them to your inbox via or plan them straight away by sending to:
  • Use hide till date for activities which cannot be started before the date, use search or eye icon to locate them
  • Make copies of your tasks and reuse the experience you accumulated
  • Use templates created by our authors

Mobile apps

Access your data at any place and any time with mobile apps for Android and iOS

See what maxdone can do for advanced users

Set clear goals

An unclear goal cannot be reached, so add some clarity:

  • Start with name and description, which can motivate the future you to reach the goal
  • Add some activities* to get you going, use the wording that motivates you
  • Add measurable success criteria to track your progress later
  • Use templates created by others or copy the goals and activities you ever completed

* - we prefer term “activities” over “tasks”

Build roadmaps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but it’s worth to plan ahead:

  • Split the way into milestones, start with the nearest milestone
  • Link activities to milestones
  • Review your goals from time to time and keep activities, milestones and results up to date

Let friends and teammates contribute

Involving others can help you achieve more:

  • Invite others to use maxdone
  • Work on common goals
  • Assign activities to each other
  • Exchange ideas in chat
  • Share notes, files and links across contributors

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